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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engine marketing (SEM) is the promotion of web sites in order to increase their visibility in search engine result pages (SERPs). Search engine marketing tactics include: search engine optimization, contextual advertising, paid placement and paid inclusion. Digital Fantasies can develop a custom Search Engine Marketing strategy around specific needs of your web site and business. We have the necessary skills and knowhow to set up a positive return on investment pay per click (PPC) campaign tailored to fit your products.

Pay per click marketing is a great way to get your web site in front of your potential customers, leaving the competition behind. Skillfully managed PPC search engine marketing campaigns will not only save you lots of money on advertising but also drastically increase your online conversions. And our pay per click marketing compliments search engine marketing extremely well. One of the biggest benefits with PPC search marketing is that you can drive quality traffic to your web site almost instantly. However, unlike organic search engine optimization, this type of traffic is not free so you need to have your PPC budget available. Poorly planned and implemented PPC campaigns can turn out to be extremely costly, in a lot of cases basically a waste of money as many PPC newbies can confirm. Conversely, well planned and carefully executed PPC campaigns can turn out into a really profitable return on your investment.

Digital Fantasies approach to Search Engine Marketing tactics are based on:

- Keyword research for any specific niche
- In-depth analysis of competitors
- Pay per click campaigns
- Bidding on keywords
- Targeted advertising
- Website analytics
- Tracking conversions

While you can practice SEO on its own, conversely, no search engine marketing campaign is complete when there is no proper search engine optimization done. Obviously free targeted traffic is always better than paid targeted traffic so in any case, the benefits of proper SEO over SEM make it very clear that, if you are willing to spend a budget on any form of paid advertising or paid placement, SEO must always be the first step you take in promoting your web site.

For more information about our search engine marketing services or a free proposal, go ahead and contact us please.